Corner Plant Stands

Corner Plant StandGardening is a wonderful pastime and is an excellent way to relax. Plants can be grown outdoors, as well as indoors. Plant stands help in saving space, beautifying a room and adding to its ambience. Plant stands are made from wrought iron, wood, plastic and marble. There are many shapes of plant stands. Corner Plant stands are helpful in filling corners that lie unused. Large or small, corner plant stands are perfect for enhancing corners inside the house or outside. Corner plant stands can be made in your workshop or sourced from outside. Making them does require skill but the cost is cheap. You can also source second-hand corner plant stands from the web. You can find umpteen offers when you search on the net. This is an inexpensive way to buy plants stands.

The sheer variety in corner plant stands: Corner plants stands can be made tall with three to four shelves to enable you to display a number of your plants. When you choose a tall plant stand, you can opt for s sturdy looking one made preferably of wrought iron or steel. If you are proposing to place it indoors, make sure that the corner plant stand is fitted with plastic feet. Otherwise when you pull the stand for cleaning or rearranging, it will not leave scratches on the floor.

Some of the corner plants stands that come in wrought iron have shelves that can be folded for ease of storage and can be transported easily. Such types of plant stands are a great use, both indoors and outdoors.

There are corner plants stands that have beautiful scrolls carved on them made from aluminum. Cast aluminum corner plants stands are extremely strong and can be used all through the year.

Some corner plant stands with shelves are designed with lattice patterns, made to hold the large pots in the bottom shelves. The top shelves can hold pots or planters of a diameter of 8". The lattice work done on these lend a delicate touch to the stand.

Black colored corner plant stands bring out the colors of your plants and flowers. There are antique corner plant stands that bring in the old-world charm to your living room. You can actually find such stuff in garden sales or old furniture shops. Corner plants stands made of wood rattan are yet another variety. Hand carved wooden corner plant stands blend with your wooden furniture very well. You can contribute your bit to conserving the environment and use recycled wrought iron corner plant stands. This can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

For people who want something different, there are novelty corner plant stands shaped like jokers, clowns and the like. There are columnar corner plant stands with iconic designs that can be placed in a corner of your deck for displaying some special plants.

You can also find corner plant stands made of cherry wood shelves, with metal frames with an antique finish. Many of them can be folded for easy storage. These stands can be combined with plants, books and other artifacts to endow your corner with a personality.

There are corner plants stands made from honey-oak outlined with metal frame with a dark bronze finish to the frame. Such stands can be used to display delicate artifacts along with your family photographs and plants.

The sheer variety in corner plant stands can leave you befuddled. When you search on the net, you can compare prices and hunt for good bargains, but be sure to check whether the shipping and transportation costs are included in the price.

Corner plant stands are a wonderful gift on occasions. Mothers Day and Fathers Day are ideal occasions to buy your parents a piece of furniture that will display their beautiful collection of plants.

Plants fill your life with color and beauty. After a tiring day at work, there is no better way to relax than potter about in your garden and talking to your plants. Happy gardening!