Tiered Plant Stands

Tiered Plant StandGrowing plants is one of the most delightful hobbies ever. Planting seeds, watering them, watching them sprout and grow into healthy plants is a fulfilling pastime. A well-laid out garden or a small indoor garden, a garden in your patio or in your back yard, being with plants bring a semblance of peace into your life. Growing the in-season flowers in flower beds, experimenting grafting in pots, trying your hand at cutting hedges artistically, the possibilities in gardening are endless. Plants can be grown on the ground or placed in pots, depending on the kind of plants they are or on the availability of space. If you have many plants to display but have space constraints, the obvious solution would be to place these pots in tiered plant stands. There are many cheap tiered plant stands available for purchase, or if need be, you can learn to make them. There are inexpensive ways of making them. Tiered plant stands add style and are great space savers.

How to use tiered plant stands: Tiered plants stands can be placed inside or outside your home. Inside your home, tiered plant stands can be placed at an unused corner to brighten it up, it can be placed at the center of a room of large dimensions to bring focus or they can be placed in the balcony. While using tiered plant stands, the placement of plants should be balanced to enhance the beauty of the plants. A cluttered arrangement with small plants hidden behind large ones spoils the very purpose of tiered plant stands. Try out various kinds of plant stands to enhance the ambience of your home. Try out the tiered plant stands with steps or spiral levels to bring in an element of drama to your house. There are a number of models and designs available to bring that difference to your home.

When you place them in the balcony, a tiered plant stand will help you place your collection of plants together and makes it easy for watering. Make sure that the drainage holes are not blocked or fully open. Blocked drainage holes will keep excess moisture in and cause rotting of plants. Excess drainage will mess up your floor and not keep enough moisture for the plant to grow.

How to pick the right tiered plant stands

With so many models, styles and designs of tiered plant stands available, making the right choice is difficult.

Choosing the material: Tiered plant stands are made from materials ranging from traditional wood and metal, to wicker and marble. The plant stand you select should enhance the beauty of your home decor as well as your collection of plants.

Choosing the right style: There are a number of styles in plant stands. There are stands that allow you to arrange your plants on all sides giving a fountain effect, there are stands with spiral shelves for the cascading effect or there are stands with plain shelves for the simple arrangement.

Choosing the right design: Some tiered plant stands are simple and stark for the minimal effect, while some have pain-staking designs like leaves or tendrils.

Choosing the size: Tiered plant stands are available in a various sizes. Look for the right-sized plant stand that will enhance the beauty of your plant collection.

Choosing for the inside and outside of your home

If you're picking up a tiered plant stand for your outdoor garden, then make sure you pick up a durable, all-weather stand. If the plant stand is to be used inside your home, them it should suit the room in terms of style, shape and size.

Tiered plants are ideal space savers for your growing plants and your growing collection of plants.

Where To Buy Tiered Plant Stands

You can pick up your tiered plant stands from furniture shops, shops selling gardening equipment or best of all, order on the net. You will even find second-hand tiered plant stands that you can use. If you want cheap ones, why not learn to make them? It can serve as an outlet for your creative instincts.