Wicker Plant Stands

Plant stands come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Different materials like wrought iron, wicker, wood and marble can be used for making plant stands. Products made from natural materials like reed, cane, willow or rush are called wicker. When these materials are wet, they can be plied easily. They are twisted and bent into any desired shape to produce unique and individual pieces. Each piece of wicker has qualities that are unique. You can stain the products made of wicker to give them a different look. Wicker comes from the word 'wiki'. It means bend in Swedish. Wicker has been used for centuries.

About Wicker plant Stands

Wicker Plant StandWicker plant stands are preferred by individuals who like a casual elegance about them. It has a natural feel and blends well in natural surroundings. The versatility and long lasting quality of wicker plant stands are the reasons for its popularity. Wicker can be used without any problem in your outdoor gardens as it all-weather proof. Used to house your indoor garden, wicker plant stands give a traditional elegance to your home.

Outdoor wicker stands can be made strong by blending them with plastic or steel, fiber glass or aluminium. Wicker plant stands are available in umpteen colors to suit your décor. Tan, Charcoal, Tricolor, White, Green, Black, antique Brown, Golden Honey and yellow are colors that are found in wicker plant stands. The paints on the wicker plant stands are durable and chip resistant. Wicker plant stands are light weight and can be shifted with ease.

Different types of wicker plant stands

Due to the malleability of wicker, a number of different shaped wicker plant stands can be designed. Your creativity is the limit.

There are pedestal wicker plants available with interesting weaves in the wicker. This enhances it elegance. Pedestal wicker plant stands can blend with any kind of décor. These are generally covered with resin that gives durability to the plant stand. Such stands can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also UV resistant.

Also available are tiered wicker plant stands. The lower tiers in these plant stands can be topped with frosted glass. This shelf can be used to display odds and ends, giving the stand a stylish finish.

Wicker plant stands can be found in round, rectangular and square shapes. When wicker is hand-woven into aluminium frames, they offer durability. Water spills and showers won't cause damage to such wicker plant stands. When fiber glass is woven into wicker, the plant stand lasts for a long time. The glass fibers are fully encapsulated by surrounding and saturating them in a solution of resin. As compared to wicker plants stands that have been coated with vinyl, metal or wood, fiber glass wicker plant stands can weather extreme climatic conditions; they are also resistant to salt air and constant temperature fluctuations. These plant stands are not known to chip or crack, rot or corrode. They are durable and strong and meant for long lasting use.

Where to buy wicker plant stands

There are many furniture shops specializing in wicker that sell such stands. Many companies directly sell these plant stands through the net. You can compare the prices offered by different companies and choose the best bargain. If you are looking for cheap, inexpensive wicker plant stands, the web provides the best deals.

You can also buy second hand wicker plant stands from people who want to move on to other types of plant stands like wood, metal or marble when they are changing their house décor. You can also get good deals during flower shows when manufacturers of wicker plant stands display their products.

Wicker plant stands are generally all-weather ones, offer life long durability and are generally zero maintenance. Gather your plants on wicker plant stands and see their beauty enhanced.