Wooden Plant Stands

Wooden Plant StandPlants lend serenity and peace to your home and its surroundings. If you are on of the lucky ones who have their own private garden, then you can have a pleasurable past time, pottering about amongst its lush expanse. Never mind if you are forced to live in cramped quarters. You can always make the small space interesting, with the help of a few potted plants here and there. If you have a small backyard, then that can be made a retreat with the help of potted plants.

The beauty of plants is enhanced when they are placed on plants stands. There are mainly three kinds of plant stands you can use namely wooden, metal and plastic. Wooden plant stands can be made simple or ornamental or decorative, so is the case with metal. Plastic plant stands offer durability and are generally cheap.

Wooden plant stands, offer a decent but graceful way to display your plants. These plant stands can be placed inside your home or outside. If you use more of wood in your house in your home decor, wood can easily blend in. Wooden plant stands can be used all through the year, come any kind of weather. These plants stands can be very simple or just decorative or even made of multiple tiers. Whatever be your requirements, there are different kinds of wooden plant stands to suit every pocket and decor. Wooden plant stands come in various sizes and shapes. They can be carved, to add to the effect. So if you are good at woodcarving, wooden plant stands give you an opportunity to try out your talent.

Compare Wooden Plant Stands

What kind of wood to choose: This does confuse a lot of wooden plant stand lovers. Woods are of different kinds. Mahogany and cherry are two kinds of woods often used to make plant stands. No two woods, look the same. They have different appearances, the grain patterns are different and the strength of the wood differs as well. Some woods are long lasting and some wear out in a few months.

If your budget calls for inexpensive wooden plant stands, then it is best to procure them from areas where they are grown. You will find many wooden furniture manufacturers near these areas. You can buy your requirements from these manufacturers, as the costs should be low. As these manufacturers procure wood from close by areas, their procuring costs are low.

Mahogany is generally expensive as it is most often imported. It costs more for the manufacturer to import this wood and make wooden plant stands. This is reflected in the price of the wooden plant stands. Cherry wood is generally easily available and hence the costs of wooden plants stands made from cherry wood are lower that those made from mahogany.

However, you need to choose the type of wooden plant stands you need, depending on the kind of plant stand you want. If you need simple wooden plant stands, then any kind of wood will do. If you need something more elaborate and decorative, you will require stands made of strong wood. If the wooden plant stands have intricate designs on them with thin strips across, then you definitely need stronger wood. Soft woods such as pine are easy to use but woods like Cherry, walnut and Maple are generally a little hard.

We often see tiered wooden plant stands in many gardens; these are ideal for displaying plants of different kinds and sizes. The tiered wooden plant stands can be provided with plant holders that can swing. You can arrange the potholders in such away that all the plants stand out displayed.

Wooden Plant Stand

Making Wooden Plant Stands

You need not buy wooden plant holders. You can make use of available scrap in your home. The old wooden crate that was used for transporting your stuff can be used. Stumps of woods can be used to display your plants. Crates that you normally dump can be handcrafted into wooden plant stands. Old window shutters can be recycled to make wooden plant holders. The possibilities of recycling wood to make plant stands are immense. Just look around for ideas. However, if you don't have the time to make these yourselves, don't fret you can browse online for some impressive wooden stands, and get these at reasonable prices.

Whatever be your choice of wooden plant stands, your potted plants will give you immense pleasure and serenity.